Intern program

The aim of the Internship Program is to provide the next generation of Conservationists and researchers with the unique position to gain experience working on a leading Conservation Project in an African reserve alongside the Ecological Manager and Rangers.
The Internship Program is based on the perception that we are all Conservationists of a like mind in a Global Community and should operate in a more unified manner by sharing information, techniques and philosophies.
Interns will live full time at Indlovu Camp and participate intricately in current Research Projects.
The Intern Program is created specifically to allow and to encourage exposure to African Conservation Practises and Principles.
Interns can be expected to gain experience in field-work by assisting with the compilation of methodologies; data capture and input and will be mentored by Craig Spencer, the Ecological Manager of the area throughout the process.
Interns can expect to assist with a variety of projects such as our predator/prey project, which monitors the changing dynamics of lion prides in the area along with what they have killed in terms of age, sex, etc.  Interns are collecting predator scat and analyzing it in a local laboratory to determine what was eaten for our predator/ prey study as well.
 depending on what time of year interns are at camp, they can expect to assist with a variety of projects including but not limited to radio telemetry location of radio collared animals, rodent effects on tree recruitment,  vegetation surveys, yearly animal census, and subterranean water monitoring among other research projects.  Since our research work is dictated by the needs of reserve management we are regularly involved in new research.  Since we are also responsible for reserve management interns can expect that they will be involved with all aspects of the conservation work we do.  From removing snares, to the occasional radio collaring, to retrieving animals that have escaped the reserve!

The final aspect of the Intern Program is for students to simply immerse and enjoy their time in this Habitat; whilst learning skills, broadening perceptions and exploring philosophies around the campfire.

Internships are available from 1 - 6 months.  there is a 1 month minimum stay for interns so they have the opportunity to be truly immersed in the work.  Additionally there is a fee to cover room and board during their stay, along with airport transfers from Eastgate airport in hoedspruit.  the cost of a one month stay as an intern is $2,900 usd.  the cost per month for additional months decreases to $2,200 usd for each additional month.

please contact us at if you are interested in interning with indlovu west conservation research. To apply for an internship attach a brief resume and cover letter to your email.

University students have often received credit from their schools for our internship.  Feel free to direct your professor to our website . we would be glad to assist you by filling out the paperwork required by your school, in order for you to get credit through your university.

             Photos from our interns  2011 - 2014                 
 Camera Trap Pics 
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